What is Business Class and what’s the difference between it and Consumer Grade machines?

What you see in the Big Box Stores (Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Staples etc) are classified as consumer grade machines, mostly priced from $199-$799. These machines are made to appeal to the consumers wants, needs and desires. Shiny, thin, available in different colors….and most important CHEAP. Manufactures know that the average consumer knows nothing about what makes a good computer and they prey on that lack of knowledge. They put something together new and cheap and the uninformed will by it….example: The ChromeBook or the HP Stream, the biggest piece of junk you can buy. Not only do they have subpar processors…. Intel Pentium, Intel Celeron, AMD…. they also have less than 8gb of Ram and a standard hard drive which makes them slow and cheap. Additionally, they are made of mostly thin cheap plastic cases and hinges. This is why they break easy…. they are not made to last and they are not made to be serviced. The manufactures are hoping you just trash it and go buy another one.

On the flip side, is a Business Class machines priced from $800 -$1600+ when new. These machines are used in major corporation and purchased directly from the manufacturer. Only Dell, HP and Lenovo make a Business Class Series and that’s all we sell. A business class machine is built with quality, serviceability and upgradability in mind. Business Class laptops are made with metal cases and nice, thick, solid hinges. The processors are all Intel i-series (i3, i5, i7) and that’s it…. because they are the best processors made. Business Class machine are made to be easily serviced because they are expected to be broken. In the business environment accidents happen…the travelers checked bag gets smashed, the employee drops their laptop or spills a drink on it etc.  A company that pays $1400 for a laptop is going to want it to be repaired and so they are made in such a way that they can be easily and inexpensively.

When you are buying a new laptop or desktop the saying “You get what you pay for.” cannot be truer. If you buy a $299, $399 or $499 machine from Best Buy or one of the other box stores and you think you are getting a good machine…. you’re sorely mistaken. I will put any of my used Business Class Machines head-to-head at the same price point as consumer machine. Not only will it blow the doors off of it power and performance wise but we will give you a 1-year warranty just like the box store does only we will have it fixed or replaced in a day and not weeks like those guys. The choice is yours, continue to buy cheap consumer machines that frustrate you or buy quality at a great price and see the amazing difference.