Reboot Computers started in 2014 as just an idea for a computer savvy 12-year-old boy to make a little money and his Dad to teach him customer service and responsibility. My son Bradley has always been very computer savvy, it had to rub off with his Dad and 3 Uncles all in the IT field. I called him Lokietek 2.0 because he was way ahead of anything we did at his age. It all started with a donation of old equipment from my brother’s church, where he is the IT Director and a friend whose business had upgraded equipment. It was just supposed to be a bonding and learning opportunity. We cleaned up those computers loaded fresh installs of Windows 7, took some good pictures and listed them on Craigslist. They sold really fast and Bradley was like “Daddy we need to keep doing this!” Today, we have over 500 small business customers and an army of loyal customers that spread the word for us.