About Us

Who Are We?

The Origins of Reboot Computers

In 2014, what was then known as PC Recyclers of Jax was born in a Jacksonville garage from a unique blend of ambition and familial guidance. It all began as an idea conceived by a then 12-year-old, tech-savvy Bradley, who was eager to explore entrepreneurship, and his father, Luke, who committed to instilling invaluable lessons in customer service and responsibility. Bradley’s innate tech prowess, influenced by his dad and three uncles immersed in the IT field along with Luke’s previous small business experience, helped propel this idea into a reality.

What initially started as a simple bonding and learning opportunity evolved when donations of retired equipment from an uncle’s church and a friend’s upgraded hardware piqued Bradley’s entrepreneurial spirit. The father-son duo transformed these computers, rejuvenating them with fresh Windows 7 installations, capturing striking images, and posting listings on Craigslist. The outcome was nothing short of astounding, with rapid sales and an enthusiastic Bradley excited to see how far they could go.

In 2020, we reached new heights as we expanded to building and servicing Custom Built PCs, along with selling and servicing the complete MacBook and iMac lineups. And with those new heights came a new name, Reboot Computers of Jax.

Fast forward to today, Reboot Computers of Jax stands as a testament to our journey boasting a dedicated clientele of thousands of individuals and over 500 small business customers, along with an ever-growing legion of loyal supporters who enthusiastically spread the word and keep our dream alive.