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What is Electronic Waste?

And why is it a Big Deal?


Electronic waste, commonly known as E-Waste, has emerged as the fastest-growing waste stream across the nation. Surprisingly, while old electronics only contribute to roughly 2% of landfill waste, they account for nealy 70% of the toxins found within these sites. With planned obsolescence becoming ever more popular, and the already limited lifespan of most electronics and computers, many individuals and businesses find themselves uncertain about the proper way to dispose of them.

Electronics should not be recklessly discarded, as they should undergo responsible recycling rather than being treated as common refuse. Reboot Computers has taken the initiative to offer our local community a responsible, no-cost solution for the disposal and recycling of computers and electronics. It’s essential to keep in mind that old electronics do not belong on the curb with your regular trash, as they might ultimately end up in landfills. We offer free collection and recycling of your old equipment, with the added assurance that we physically destroy all data-bearing devices for your security and peace of mind.