MSI Gaming Desktop – Intel Hex Core i5, 16gb Ram, 500gb SSD & 1TB HDD, 8GB GTX 1080


Operating System: Windows 11 Professional
Processor: i5-10400 @ 4.20GHz
Cores & Threads: 6 Cores 12 Threads
Screen: N/A

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Running the latest version of Windows 10 Professional with Microsoft Office 2019 Professional included.

-x1 HDMI
-x2 DisplayPort
-x2 Front USB 2.0 Ports
-x2 Front USB 3.0 Ports
-x4 Rear USB 3.0 Ports
-x2 Rear USB 2.0 Ports
-Gigabit Ethernet
-Front and Rear Audio In/Out
-Front SD Slot
-x1 Serial Port
-DVD+RW Optical Drive